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Q. How much do I require to sign up?

A. You are required to pay a one-time fee of N3,500.

Q. What do I stand to benefit after I have registered with N3,500?

Refer to HOW IT WORKS PAGE for more details.

Q. How do I make payment?

A. You can pay for your one-time membership fee of N3,500 online, via ATM or Direct to the Bank.

Q. What do I stand to benefit after paying my N3,500?

A. i. You will have a replicated website.
ii. You will have access to your Personal Office.

Q. How many persons am I required to introduce?

A. You are required to introduce only three (3) persons.

Q. What do I stand to benefit after I have introduced three (3) persons?

A. Check HOW IT WORKS for more details.

Q. When I earn, will my money be transferred to my local bank account?

A. NO. Your money will be in your E-wallet or Back Office/Personal Office from where you can request for it to be transferred to your local account.

Q. Do I get a refund?

A. NO you will not get a refund.

Q. Is there Monthly or Yearly Subscription?

A. NO.

Q. How often can I request for withdrawal/payment?

A. You may withdraw at will. Kindly bear in mind “bank charges”.

Q. How many levels do you have?

A. We have six (6) Levels. Read how it works for more details.

Your N3,500 does not guarantee you earn all the Commissions and Incentives. For you to earn, you must refer and also encourage your down lines to do same.

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